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Kale helps you conquer active churn, retain more customers and
tells you the real reason behind cancellations

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MS Founders Hub
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Razorpay Rize
Antler India Residency 2

Kale helps you nail customer-led growth and retention

AI Powered Personalised Cancellation flow

Generate AI-powered personalised cancellation flows

Take the guesswork out of cancellation processes and instantly generate personalized cancellations flows in real-time

Generate Flows
Generative AI-powered cancellation flows

Spend less time building, writing, and designing campaigns and running after cancellations manually. Kale targets customers with personalized offers and deflections by segment, LTV, tenure, usage and more completely in sync with your branding

Run retention experiments with personalized offers

Tap into the magic of data science and keep tweaking your retention game. Kale co-pilot helps you run randomised, rules-based, or ML-based tests, so you can see why customers cancel and what offers wins customers back

Reclaim lost revenue with smart
reactivation campaigns

It’s time to ditch the one-size-fits-all reactivation campaigns and messy spreadsheets. Kale helps you win former customers with targeted
reactivation campaigns

Smart segmentation with AI built audiences

Kale segments churned customers by cancellation reason, billing data, and much more, and uses these insights to generate personalised win back campaigns

Generative AI-powered win-back campaigns

Use our Generative AI to deploy entire reactivation campaigns or personalised emails in minutes based on why customers left and then addressing their concerns

Customer Reactivation
One-click customer reactivation campaigns

Kale makes reactivating subscriptions effortless – one click, and they're back in the game, no more hassle with usernames and passwords

Visualize churn data in real-time and say goodbye to blackboxes

Legacy BI tools and dashboards are dead. Empower your team to visualize churn and retention metrics in real-time with interactive liveboards that allow you to drill down, filter, add workflows, and present on the fly

No Vanity Metrics
Get the story behind your rentention performance, not just vanity metrics

Use the Kale co-pilot to reveal cancellation patterns and uncover trends across different customer segments instantly. Our deep dive dashboard view offers insights into all the underlying data points and how they contribute to the model and prediction quality

AI Powered Realtime Insights
Putting accessible insights directly into the hands of revenue leaders

Quickly analyse insights in real-time without an army of data teams. Empower your revenue leaders to consume and operationalize data-driven insights by putting the power of predictive AI directly in their hands. The Kale co-pilot is powered by AI technology that delivers true self-service analytics

Supercharge your customer retention with the power of AI

The data you need, the way you need to see it

Intelligent customer retention and AI models are only as good as the quality of your data. Kale automatically scans millions of data points and stitches together your event data with your customer subscription data to give you the most comprehensive real-time view of your customers

Purpose built for Customer Retention

We collect data straight from the source, getting you from 10% visibility to 95%. Our AI Models are trained on customer behavior that drives revenue retention. You can start using our out-of-the-box actions and playbooks instantly

Get up and running at the speed and scale of cloud

Kale connects directly to your cloud data so you can start creating insights from day one. No data movement or caching required. Simply connect your tools and go from raw data to industry leading predictive models in minutes, not months

Enterprise - Grade Security standards

We take the responsibility of helping you manage your customer data seriously. That’s why security and privacy are key focus areas for us

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